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Boom Beach: Everything you should know about it

This is a game by Supercell; it is a multiplayer online strategy game for Android and iOS. It was first launched on November 11’ 2013. This game combines the attacks from and on the other players along with the attacks against bases that are computer generated. The whole game is based in an archipelago; the players are on an island along with the troops and defense.

The players are free to upgrade the defense system they have, build the base and also other buildings can be upgraded. They are allowed to unlock the troop upgrades. It is both a single-player game and a multiplayer as well. After the launch of the game, it was ranked in the top 10 of 22 countries. There is an enemy “The Blackguard,” against whom the players generally play. Other enemies generated by the computer are “Dr. T” and “Colonel Gearheart.”

Strategies: There are many strategies or tips one would need once they want to play this game. Some even use online cheats to win this game. Given below are the most used strategies:

  1. Attack while you’re Building: It takes a lot of time while a building is built or upgraded and hence it is very important that the players explore and also attack at the same moment without wasting time. New troops can be made too, while the up gradation is going on, but new ships are not available. You have to multitask.


  1. Trees to Lumber: Wood is not found in the first stages of Boom Beach, whereas Gold is found in an abundant amount. So, if you are out of wood, then the game might offer you wood in exchange for But diamonds have to be bought with real money, so think and work. So, to make wood from gold, tap on trees and by hitting the shovel, you can turn it.


  1. Upgrade: As soon as you upgrade places like the economy, headquarters, sniper towers, landing ships, you will have access to crew members, fighting capacity better than before and also better returns on wood and gold production. Upgrading in Boom Beach is the best way to success. As the headquarters are upgraded, it will then unlock other buildings.


  1. Use Diamonds Wisely: This currency in the game doesn’t generate on its own. They are supplies very less and instead the cash is used for free in Boom Beach.


  1. Radar: You will have to build Radar as soon as you can. This will further make it easier ti open and explore the map. After you have explored properly, you can then attack and thus unlock gold, medals, and wood. There are some parts that take gold for unlocking in the map, but you will find gold in some other places too. Boom Beach’s Radar can be used for opening the rest of the world.

These are the main and major strategies one must use to win games. Be very careful as you use your currencies. If you want to boost your game experience try App Triche Website to get some free stuffs to lift up your gaming experience.